Review| Super Ming

881 High St, Thornbury

IMG_1309Who doesn’t love Asian food? Who doesn’t love having access to all types of Asian food under the one roof? However this type of menu can be worrying, as ‘Asian cuisine’ is so diverse; each region has particular techniques, flavours and ingredients. Can one kitchen perfect them all?

Super Ming is a newish restaurant in the part of Thornbury that is flourishing with food and drink options. The restaurant is inviting. The layout is simple and chic as is classic for the inner north.IMG_1318

The Bao bun was light and fluffy, with tasty pork inside, however after a couple of bites the lack of sauce became noticeable. Thai Lab Gai salad presented beautifully, in all its vibrant glory. What made this dish was the contrasting textures, the flavour let it down. It didn’t have the subtle balance that is legendary in Thai food; it was very salty and at times too sweet.

IMG_1319The Soy Caramel eggplant was a delight. The eggplant was cooked flawlessly with a really lovely hint of smokiness. The rich glaze did not overpower the subtle flavour of the eggplant, complimenting it perfectly.

The desserts did not match their descriptions. The ‘sago pudding with toasted coconut, mango and palm sugar syrup’ was very heavy on the palm sugar, making it sickly sweet, with a tiny piece ofIMG_1326 (3) mango. The ‘lemongrass and lychee panna cotta’ consisted of vanilla panna cotta with lychees sitting next to it and a sprig of lemongrass as the garnish rather than the flavour. The panna cotta was well made, soft and smooth with some wobble. However this was tarnished as the panna cotta began to melt due to the serving plate being so hot.

Can one kitchen perfect them all? Not this kitchen…yet. There is potential. It just may be the place however, to subdue your Asian food craving at a reasonable price.

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All words and images © Amanda Hann 2017

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