Hong Kong

Whether you want dim sum, street food, informal eateries with plastic chairs, authentic international cuisine or fancy restaurants, Hong Kong has you covered. Hong Kong is a foodie haven and the thousands of eateries will keep you occupied between sight seeing and shopping.

Visiting a dai pai dong is a must. This experience will see you dining on plastic chairs with plastic table clothes and laminated menus. Images are the way to order as there may be no English words. We sat amongst the locals as they gave us the odd nod and laugh, judging our chopstick skills. This gave us confidence…if the locals are here it must be good. Any seafood is plucked from the tanks outside and freshly cooked. Abalone is finally affordable at $5 a pop. Every dish we had was fresh and delicious.

IMG_1123While you’re in Hong Kong you can’t go past the hip bars and international cuisine in Soho. The best way of sampling what Soho has to offer is by simply walking through the streets and visiting anyIMG_1141 bar or restaurant that catches your attention.

Upon craving Vietnamese we ventured to Le Garcon Siagon. The meat skewers here are cooked over charcoal giving them a great flavour. You can opt for wagyu skewers that melt in your mouth. Eating these was what I describe as ‘close your eyes good’; the taste and texture is so good that you have no choice but to close your eyes as you chew. The drinks menu is comprehensive and the cocktails tasty.

Mott 32 is decorated in a way that harks back to colonial
empires and the old days of Hong Kong. The dumplings are impressive and luxurious, including lobster dim sum with a self-moderated injection of lobster oil. Also good is the quail egg, Iberico Pork and black truffle dim sum. This was the perfect balance of flavour with the quail egg yolk creating a rich sauce as it pops in your mouth.

For dim sum that is not as lavish and more traditional, the options are endless. We ventured to Tim Ho Wan near Mong Kok, the original cheapest Michellin star restaurant. Since our last visit they have gone global. This has not compromised the food, the original is unfortunately better than the Melbourne part of the chain. You can’t go past the BBQ pork buns…the ultimate balance of slightly sweet and slightly salty with pastry that melts in your mouth.


Lung King Heen

Another chain restaurant that does not compromise on taste is DimDimSum Dim Sum, and no, that is not a typo. We visited the restaurant in Mong Kok. The venue is small as is common in Hong Kong, tables are shared with other diners. Make sure you try the eggplant dish and the pineapple buns.

Don’t leave until you have tried Hong Kong’s ultimate offering, roast goose. We visited the institution that is Yat Lok Roast Goose Restaurant. It has been recognised by Michelin and was visited by Anthony Bourdain. The skin is crisp and the meat is succulent, the perfect combination.


Hong Kong truly is a culinary delight, just make sure you pack some stretchy pants.

Places visited:
Tai Chung Wah,, Cheung Sha Wan
Lung King Heen, Central
The Optimist, Wan Chai
Le Garcon Siagon, Wan Chai
Tai Chiong Bakery, Central
Ho Lun Jeng Gastro Pub, Central, SoHo
Tim Ho Wan, Tong Mi
DimDimSum Dim Sum Specialty Store, Mong Kok

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All words and images © Amanda Hann 2017

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